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Roof cleaning in Stirling and Scotland and the Scottish highlands  – all areas covered

Your roof is the part of your property you always forget?

Here’s why you shouldn’t…

With our weather changing conditions our roofs become exposed to ice, snow, rain, winds and sun throughout the full year. If you already have moss on your roof, the chances are you may have broken tiles as the moss holds water and expands under freezing temperatures. Water held on any surface causes damage.

Moss also eats into the tiles. This may lead to further problems such as a leaking roof or structural damage.

Avoid all this by calling in the specialists!


How do we clean?

Roofing tiles and slates are sprayed with our specialist cleaning solution and then power washed.  The solution kills moss and leaves a cleaner roof – as you can see from the photos below!

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Autumn deal Roughcast & roof cleaning be the first person in  your street to use and receive 30% off when both roughcast and roofing cleaned. neighbours booking together will get a better discount.

This is the best time to remove moss from roofs and clean roughcast. All surfaces are sprayed with our cleaning solution which kills all algeas etc, giving your building a new look.

We also do slate cleaning roofs which we spray first with our cleaning solution – have a look at the slate cleaning section for more pictures.

Ask us about roofing & roughcasting repairs.

Offer valid until the end of the month